List of blogs I run and write at, guest posts and tutorials I've created, and printed books I contributed to.

My own blogging spaces

Various blogs and websites I'm running, and actively writing on.

Writing sinceLanguageWebsiteUrlDetails
March 2019 Polish TataDeveloper tatadeveloper.end3r.com My parenting blog
October 2018 English js13kGames medium.com/js13kgames Competition's blog on Medium
March 2018 English Gamedev.js gamedevjs.com HTML5 game development news
November 2012 English Enclave Games enclavegames.com/blog Indie gamedev studio's blog
November 2010 Polish NeuroshimaHex.pl neuroshimahex.pl Fan site about a board game
November 2005 English End3r's Corner end3r.com/blog My private blog

Guest posts and tutorials

All my articles published on websites other than mine, including series of tutorials.

03.09.2020 Mozilla Community Five years of Tech Speakers
12.08.2020 Mozilla Hacks js13kGames 2020: a lean coding challenge with WebXR and Web Monetization
29.11.2019 GDevelop Geometry Monster game tutorial
24.10.2019 Mozilla Hacks From js13kGames to MozFest Arcade: a game dev Web Monetization story
23.05.2018 MDN Web Docs Progressive loading
22.05.2018 Mozilla Hacks Progressive Web Games
02.05.2018 Mozilla Hacks Progressive Web Apps core guides on MDN Web Docs
11.04.2018 MDN Web Docs How to make PWAs re-engageable using Notifications and Push
13.03.2018 MDN Web Docs How to make PWAs installable
12.03.2018 MDN Web Docs Making PWAs work offline with Service Workers
09.03.2018 MDN Web Docs Progressive Web App structure
09.03.2018 MDN Web Docs Introduction to Progressive Web Apps
25.01.2018 Mozilla Hacks Lessons learned from the A-Frame category in the js13kGames competition
14.08.2017 Mozilla Hacks A-Frame comes to js13kGames: build a game in WebVR
02.06.2016 Mozilla Hacks Basics of building 3D games on the Web
16.05.2016 MDN Web Docs 3D games on the Web
07.04.2016 MDN Web Docs Explaining basic 3D theory
04.04.2016 MDN Web Docs GLSL Shaders
30.03.2016 MDN Web Docs Building up a basic demo with Babylon.js
03.03.2016 MDN Web Docs Building up a basic demo with A-Frame
24.02.2016 MDN Web Docs WebVR — Virtual Reality for the Web
25.01.2016 MDN Web Docs Building up a basic demo with PlayCanvas (engine, editor)
06.01.2016 Mozilla Hacks Building games for Firefox OS TV
13.11.2015 MDN Web Docs Publishing games - game distribution, game promotion, game monetization
28.10.2015 MDN Web Docs Building up a basic demo with Three.js
08.09.2015 MDN Web Docs Implementing controls using the Gamepad API
06.08.2015 MDN Web Docs 2D Breakout game using Phaser
21.04.2015 MDN Web Docs 2D Breakout game using pure JavaScript
08.04.2015 Mozilla Hacks Mobile game development with the Device Orientation and Vibration APIs
03.04.2015 MDN Web Docs 2D maze game with Device Orientation built in Phaser
13.08.2014 Tuts+ GameDev How to minify your HTML5 game for the js13kGames competition
20.07.2014 Tuts+ GameDev Getting started with Phaser: building "Monster Wants Candy"
18.03.2014 MobiForge Building HTML5 games for Firefox OS
18.10.2013 HTML5 Hub Screen size management in mobile HTML5 games
19.07.2013 Firefox OS Guide How to build games for Firefox OS platform
15.07.2013 Tuts+ Mobile Preparing for Firefox OS
21.01.2013 Smashing Magazine Sneak peek into the future: CSS Selectors, Level 4

Printed books

Short and humble list of printed books I participated in somehow.

April 2020 Polish PWN Game Programming Patterns Technical reviewer of the Polish translation of the book
February 2018 English SitePoint HTML5 Games: Novice to Ninja Technical editor of the book
April 2014 English Apress HTML5 Game Development Insights Written chapter 10: Playing around with the Gamepad API