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HTML5 Game Development Insights - my first printed book!

So here it is: HTML5 Game Development Insights book printed by Apress was published a few days ago and is already available at Amazon. I wrote only one chapter, but still it’s the first printed material with me as an author, so I’m super happy about that.


There’s insane amount of authors: Colt McAnlis, Peter Lubbers, Duncan Tebbs, Brandon Jones, Sean Bennett, Florian d’Erfurth, Bruno Garcia, Shun Lin, Ivan Popelyshev, Jason Gauci, Jon Howard, Ian Ballantyne, Jesse Freeman, Takuo Kihira, Tyler Smith, Don Olmstead, John McCutchan, Chad Austin, Mario Andres Pagella and me which sums up to 20 people. If you buy the book you’ll get up-to-date knowledge from the passionate developers who want to share their experience with you. From JavaScript performance tweaks, through WebGL, WebSockets or Responsive Game Design to Emscripten or TypeScript - it’s almost 500 pages full of HTML5 gamedev awesomeness.

I’ve written Playing around with the Gamepad API chapter which uses the Hungry Fridge demo game as an example. The code of the Gamepad API test and the Hungry Fridge demo are available on GitHub. I hope it won’t be the last time I end up as a book author - there’s Build HTML5 games for Firefox OS ebook I’d like to finish someday. Many people said you won’t get rich writing books, but it’s awesome to see a book with your name standing on the book shelf, or see people actually read it.