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Hello, my name is Andrzej (spelled "an-jay", but you can call me Andrew or Ender), and I like to give a talk or two. I'm an introvert, but managed to go from absolute zero to a good presenter in almost a decade of constant practice. I've given almost a hundred talks since 2011 on a few different continents, and I'm happy to travel even more.

So... you want me to talk?

If you want to invite me to your conference, then please get in touch and email me the details. You'll find the basic info about me below, which you can use to publish on the conference's website.

End3r's info

Personal information

  • Full name: Andrzej Mazur
  • Company: Enclave Games
  • Job title: Founder, Web Game Developer
  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @end3r
End3r's bio

Bio and photo

Bio (355 characters): Web Game Developer and Technical Evangelist, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator, Gamedev.js community firestarter and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher. Excited about cutting-edge Web technologies like WebXR, Progressive Web Apps, Web Monetization API, and recently Web3. Likes eating sushi and playing Neuroshima Hex.

Photo: (800px x 800px, 215 kb)

End3r's topics

Topics I cover

I really enjoy talking about Web Game Development in general, but also going into specifics: using Phaser framework, building hyper casual mobile games, describing the phenomenon of 13 kilobyte games where limitations spawn creativity, going over the past and predicting the future of Web Game Development, and such.

I usually mix cutting-edge technology topics with games: over the years I've given talks about Firefox OS, Gamepad API, WebVR with A-Frame, WebXR, Progressive Web Apps, Web Monetization, and lately Web3 (blockchain/crypto/NFTs).

End3r's offer

What I offer

  • Promoting my presence at your conference before the event
  • Giving a talk or running a workshop at the venue during the conference
  • Staying for the full duration of the event to chat with the attendees
  • Sharing pictures using the conference hashtag during the conference
  • Taking part in the interviews or providing feedback about the event
  • Writing a trip report afterwards on my blog
End3r's setup

My setup

I use my own laptop when giving a talk. I have a MacBook Pro 14" (2021, 3024 × 1964 pixels resolution) with HDMI, and I also carry VGA adapter just in case. I use Reveal.js for the slides, which I launch from within Firefox locally. I don't send slide decks in advance. I'm switching slides either using XBox 360 controller via the Gamepad API, or manually with the keyboard if the above setup won't work for any reason.

End3r's travel

Travel and accomodation

It would be great if you could cover my travel and accomodation, I prefer to have this booked for me so I can focus on the talk. I live in Warsaw (Poland), and the nearest international airport is Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) - I'm fine flying in the economy class. I don't really care much about the standard of the hotel I'm staying at as long as I have the room for myself.

If I've never been in the city of the conference, then I'd appreciate help getting from the airport to the hotel - either directly by picking me up, or by providing the info about the best options; public transport it totally fine.

Anything else?

Need more info? Then get in touch and ask!