Key Skills Learnt Through Online Gaming

Online gaming is a whole lot of fun, but did you know that you could be developing some key skills while gaming? You could be acquiring and developing some skill sets that may help you in the future at work or in your personal life. We explore some of the skills and benefits of online gaming that players may not even be aware of.

Hany-Eye Coordination

A lot of games may require a player to have quick response times or reflexes. A first-person shooter demands that players have fast reactions as players fight for survival. This quick-thinking, fast acting requirement helps players develop the signal between the brain and what the eye sees allowing them to react to a situation quickly. This repeated practice helps players to form a neural pathway improving their hand-eye coordination.

Strategic Development

Certain games involve in-depth and analytical thinking. Players need to assess the game and make informed decisions on what actions are best to take. Players need to continuously predict outcomes based on potential scenarios as a game unfolds. This critical analysis of information can lead to the development of strategic thinking and the improvement of problem-solving skills.


Teamwork is at the center of some games. Players need to learn to work together to achieve a common goal. Online games have created the opportunity for players to collaborate in these virtual worlds. Learning to work together and take the lead in certain scenarios helps develop critical interpersonal skills that are needed in the workplace.


Game environments can change rapidly and unpredictably. Players need to learn to quickly adapt to these changes to be successful. Similar to the real world. In certain business situations, things can change quickly, and people need to be agile in those situations. Adapting and finding solutions to problems is a daily occurrence and online gaming can potentially help you sharpen that skill.

Time Management

Various games have time constraints in them. A certain objective needs to be completed in an allotted time. Players must learn to manage their time effectively to achieve the goal of the game. This time pressure teaches players the important skill of time management.

In the working world, time management is essential to the success of any project, Deadlines are set, and employees are expected to manage their time effectively to meet the deadline.

Financial Literacy

Games like online pokies that involve wagering, or that involve economies or purchase power require players to manage their resources well. A player who manages their resources effectively will see themselves advancing through the game. The management of funds is important in everyday life and practicing managing finances through gaming can be beneficial to gamers in the real world.

Communication Skills

Clear, timely and concise communication is important in particular games. Some games call for players to interact with each other where communication becomes a vital part of achieving an objective. This could be over chat or microphones between players as they guide each other to victory. Improved communication can help players with their day-to-day communication, making them better listeners, and effective communicators. This can aid them in conflict resolution when disagreements take place.

Cultural Awareness

In a culturally diverse world, players are exposed to a community of gamers from around the world. People are from different backgrounds and countries making players aware of some cultural differences and practices. This is an important learning as the world becomes more integrated through remote working.


Perseverance and determination are often needed to succeed in some online games. You may find a challenge that you are struggling to overcome requiring multiple attempts before overcoming it. Resilience and grit can be taught through gaming as setbacks are common. This key character trait forms part of our daily lives as we continue to strive for success.

Final Thoughts

Who said that you can’t have fun while you learn? Online gaming is an amazing space where players can put their gaming skills to the test against fellow players. But it is also a place where we acquire new skills and practice others in the pursuit of conquering our favorite games. These skills translate well into our work and daily lives and can potentially set you up for success.

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