Gaming Explored: What Makes A Great Online Game

What makes a game successful and popular amongst its audience?
Many factors make a game exceptional in its design. These can be very personal to the player and subjective. Despite this, several key characteristics are seen across different types of games that appeal to a wide audience.

Engaging Gameplay

A game should be engaging when played to avoid boredom setting in. Capturing a player’s attention and keeping them interested should be paramount to any game developer.

Gameplay should consist of the use of intuition that is balanced with the level of difficulty that a player faces. Whether it is a first-person shooter, a game of strategy, the pokies online NZ offers, or an open-world exploration, there should be enough of a challenge to keep players wanting to return.

Multiplayer Modes

The social element of online gaming is just as important as the game itself. Having interactive multiplayer modes where players can chat or speak to one another can lift the experience for any player. This adds to the depth of gameplay and allows players to strategize and collaborate as they tackle their challenges.


Game developers who create and foster a positive online community can elevate a game. These communities can be through popular online forums and social media channels. It is a great way for players to interact with one another as well as with the game’s developers.

Updates And Current Content

It is essential to the longevity of gameplay for a game to have a series of updates and expansion packs. This could be in the form of new characters introduced into the game, level expansions or upgraded gameplay. These updates will help to pique the interests of players and keep them returning for more.

Monetization: Balance In Approach

Any business needs to generate a profit and striking a balance between monetization and value for money is important. This principle applies to the sale of games and their associated products like upgrades, subscriptions and expansion packs. Providing a product that has value for money will allow the fun and enjoyment of the game to continue.

Receptive Development Team

Feedback is important to the continuation of any game. Game developers need to be receptive and responsive to the feedback that they receive from their gaming community. After all, they are the customer.

Fostering open and honest conversations on community platforms will aid developers in fixing bugs and addressing any in-game issues that may arise. Doing this quickly will bode well for the success of the game. Equally, providing regular updates and communicating with the game's audience will likely keep players engaged.

Multiplatform Access

Whether it's a game console, PC or mobile device having a game that is functional on a multitude of devices will allow a wider player base to play a game. It also gives players options to play on their preferred type of device.

Technical Reliability

Every player wants a smooth gaming experience that is free of bugs and glitches. Having reliable servers is imperative to player satisfaction and overall enjoyment. Having interruptions and downtime in a game can cause players to lose interest and move on to another game.


A game with depth and replayability creates something that players can continually return to. Whether it’s an evolving storyline, progression systems, multiple gameplay options or customizable features, it’s important to keep a game fresh enticing players to return.

Creative Features

Games need to attract potential players. To do this game developers need to be creative with the features they offer within a game. This can include things like:

Emergent gameplay techniques: where the game evolves based on the actions of a player.
Virtual Reality: Immersing players into the game’s world.
Augmented Reality: This merges the game's virtual world with our real world.
Interactive Story Telling: Some games offer multiple storylines and give players choices throughout the game. These choices create branching narratives that players will follow.

These additions can attract new players and cause games to skyrocket in popularity.

Powering Down

An attractive and exciting game includes some of these fundamentals. Game developers would need to consider some if not all these factors when designing their games to not only attract a new audience but keep their current players returning. Player feedback and continuous development are key factors when creating a game that appeals to an audience.

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