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W3C Games CG - February 2021 meetup

After gathering at TPAC in October, deciding to do that bi-monthly and having a dedicated meetup in December, we had another W3C Games Community Group online meetup that happened earlier this week, on Tuesday February 9th.

End3r's Corner - W3C Games CG February 2021: WebView

The time for February’s meetup was shifted to accomodate Asia-based speakers and participants, since the previous two were happening for them in the middle of the night. It wasn’t a problem for me at all, since it was happening in the morning rather than in the evening Europe time.

We had three speakers this time: Alicia Nie from Tencent, Andre Bandarra from Google, and Jacob Clark from BBC. Alicia showed us WeChat mini game runtime, which is specifically optimized to run games. Andre talked about the ways web content can be embedded on Android: through WebView, Chrome Custom Tabs, and Trusted Web Activities. WebLayer was mentioned as something that might be useful in the future as well. Jacob spoke about BBC’s cross platform HTML5 runtime that works for both the native platform and the web, mentioning persistent storage as something problematic.

Overall it was another knowledge-packed session, and I’m happy we are having them regularly every two months, with new topics to discuss each time. Can’t wait for the April one already!