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Js13kGames 2017 Launch Party

We did something brand new this year - organized launch party for the js13kGames competition, as part of the Gamedev.js meetups in Warsaw.

It was held on August 14th in the Codility office, one day after the online competition started. The date was unfortunate - beside the usual vacation season it was Monday in the middle of the long weekend, because Tuesday was free from work. The interest was lower than usual, but the room was still full and we had some cool conversations happening anyway.

I’ve opened the evening with a short intro talk about the competition itself.

Then, after a short break, we had the main event - discussion panel with the experts: Tomasz Wesołowski, Adam Jakubowski, Rafał Ruciński, Michał Budzyński and Piotr Bogdan. They were judges or participants from previous years, and we talked about their experiences. They were answering questions from both me and the audience, and I think it went ok given that it was our very first Gamedev.js panel.

After that we went with another novelty: a quick quiz (using Kahoot) about the competition with some cool swag to give away. It was followed by the last stop in the schedule - pizza and drinks.

You can find a few casual photos we took, or watch the videos on YouTube. As usual big thank you goes to our sponsors: Codility, Mozilla and BLUR.

Our next, regular meetup will happen on September 28th - see you there!