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New Coil Explore page with Enclave Games and js13kGames

Coil website just got its Explore page refreshed to help discover and support Web Monetized creators, which was announced via their newsletter. The Gaming section include a few interesting links.

In addition to Coil Member essentials like Coil Blogs and Cinnamon Video, we’ve curated a discovery experience spotlighting gaming, web dev, podcasts and publishers.

If you don’t count the huge Twitch banner, then 4 out of 7 links in the Gaming section are either Enclave Games or js13kGames. There’s direct link to the Flood Escape game, the Enclave Games website with the list of all our games, the js13kGames website, and the Back 2 Back entry from the 2019 edition of the competition. Other links include website, Phaser framework’s home page, and Unit 4 game.

It’s great to see our stuff there, and I hope more devs will show their gamedev projects along ours. The Grant for the Web program is going to launch really soon, so there’s a big chance the overall number of cool Web Monetization creations will increase.