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Captain Rogers with - the joyful fun of leaderboards and achievements

I wanted to try platform for some time now and fortunately I found some free time to tinker with it after finishing my HTML5 mobile game Captain Rogers. I decided to see if the API is so easy to implement. I have to admit that it’s great – there are high quality docs which helps you a lot when working on implementing it. gives you lots of useful tools: from achievements, leaderboards through advertising, licensing to a distribution platform and lots of helpers to export your game for every bigger platform for mobile games: Chrome Web Store, Facebook, Windows 8, Firefox Marketplace and more. And everything is of course for free.

I decided to implement some of these into Captain Rogers on and see how it goes. I have to admit that it was very easy – even easier than I thought. I’ve implemented leaderboard, few achievements and included adverts in minutes. The documentation is clear and easy to understand, I had no problems with the panel even though I saw most of it for the first time. Implementing the API was a breeze.

Play Captain Rogers on

There are seven achievements you can get:

  • newcomer (play the game)
  • scoremaster (reach 1000 points)
  • destroyer (destroy 50 asteroids)
  • bomberman (use 10 bombs)
  • minesweeper (destroy 10 mines)
  • starchaser (collect 10 stars)
  • captain (finish the game)

Six of them are easy to achieve, but the last one is almost impossible to get. I myself didn’t manage to finish the game and didn’t heard about anyone doing this. The game is difficult on purpose – you can always get back to it and try harder to beat your previous highscore.