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Captain Rogers with - the joyful fun of leaderboards and achievements

I wanted to try platform for some time now and fortunately I found some free time to tinker with it after finishing my HTML5 mobile game Captain Rogers. I decided to see if the API is so easy to implement. I have to admit that it’s great – there are high quality docs which helps you a lot when working on implementing it.

Enclave Games

Captain Rogers for Firefox OS and Mozilla Marketplace

As you may already know we’ve launched our first HTML5 mobile game called Captain Rogers. It was optimized and prepared for the Firefox OS devices (I’ve got one after the App Workshops thanks to Mozilla!) and published in the Firefox Marketplace. The main focus will be put on that platform and the ecosystem. There are only days left till the official launch, so it should be interesting. The first commercial Firefox OS devices were announced today and will be available very soon.

Gamedev announces HTML5 gamedev compo for students

The guys from (supporters of the first js13kGames competition) have started their own compo for students that are (or want to be) also an HTML5 game developers. There's over $10,000 in prizes, so it's a good idea to check it out, learn making games and actually finish one.