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Enclave Games Monthly Report: January 2019

Slow month with a happy ending during the last weekend - we’ve organized GameJam.js 2019 hackathon with the Polyjam crew in Warsaw for the Global Game Jam happening around the world.

GameJam.js 2019 slides


We were quite sick again (another year in a row), plus I focused on the organizer side of things, so we ended up with the name Routine Blast and an idea for the gameplay, but nothing more. No prototype to show, but we want to work on the game in the next months.


I’ve written the yearly summary called Enclave Games in 2018, and plans for 2019. Other than that - nothing worth mentioning.


GameJam.js 2019 winners

GameJam.js 2019 - overall it went good, but there’s definitely room for improvement.


Pictures of happy people wearing js13kGames 2018 t-shirts are starting to appear in our Facebook gallery, which is great.

Plans for the next month

Working on revamping some websites or building some games. Or both, if time permits.