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Joining W3C WebDX group (with Gamedev.js Survey)

I was invited to join the W3C WebDX Community Group which gathers folks focusing on improving web developer experience. Valuable info is collected through surveys - at my very first call I’ve talked about the Gamedev.js Survey.

End3r's Corner - Joining W3C WebDX group (with Gamedev.js Survey)

The mission of the WebDX Community Group is to facilitate coordinated approaches to improve the overall experience of developing for the Web platform when such coordination provides unique opportunities for these improvements.

I was invited by François Daoust, with whom I’m co-running the W3C Games group. WebDX CG gathers browser vendors and other interested parties, and focuses on researching developer needs, features adoptability, and the overall improvement in developer experience. It can be viewed as a place where some surveys could be coordinated - a community around surveys on web technologies, tracking, discussing questions and results, and helping with outreach.

End3r's Corner - W3C WebDX call

I’ve talked about running Gamedev.js Survey since 2021 and the recent 2023 results. Joining WebDX means it will be added to a list of curated surveys, like MDN ones, DevographicsState of JavaScript ⁄ HTML5 ⁄ CSS, and many others. It also means I’ll be exchanging knowledge with like minded folks and hopefully getting feedback from more experienced colleagues.