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W3C Games CG September 2021: GDevelop

After June’s meetup about Godot, Coil, and Pixi we’ve gathered online for the September one to talk about GDevelop with Florian Rival and Clément Pasteau.

End3r's Corner - W3C Games CG September 2021: GDevelop

Even though this meetup was one month later than planned, I’m happy we meet regularly to discuss various gamedev topics - so far we had:

Both Florian and Clément gave a solid talk about GDevelop last Tuesday September 21st, talking about the history, going through the implementation details, current struggles, and sharing plans for the future.

For the rest of our one-hour session we’ve asked a bunch of questions and got a lot of interesting answers. It ranged from pure technical ones like the use of Web Workers, through marketing, to discussion on how one could sustain their full-time commitment. Did you know that they are considering a rebranding, uncluding the change of the name of the game creator itself?

End3r's Corner - W3C Games CG September 2021: Florian Rival

It was nice to hear from Florian - we worked together already when Ewa created the Geometry Monster game herself and I wrote the tutorial about it for Google’s Season of Docs in 2019, and Florian was an expert in js13kGames 2019 as well.