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W3C Games CG January 2024: Generative AI

Two months after our previous W3C Games CG meetup about Godot 4, this time we had Georg Zoeller from Omnitool talking about the use of generative AI to create games during the recent January 16th call.

End3r's Corner - W3C Games CG January 2024 - AI in games

Before we began with the main topic though, I presented a quick, few minutes long summary of the Gamedev.js Survey 2023 results and the published report, which officially came out the next day. I talked about the record-breaking number of submitted surveys, that we introduced the ability to update questions and answers by the community on GitHub, then I looked into the current tech trends, rise in use of AI, poor monetization, but overall good happiness.

Then we moved to Georg Zoeller, who talked about generative AI in games. It was a different session than usual, since Georg didn’t have any slides, but his insights and wisdom coming from years of gamedev experience was a pleasure to hear.

He had some very interesting thoughts on various aspects - I highly recommend listening to the recording or reading through its transcript if you’re curious what he said exactly. There’s also an interesting article Relax, don’t worry about AI tech adoption worth reading Georg published last month.