Sos Sosowski


WebVR talk at the Game Industry Conference

Just like a year ago, I visited Poznań to give a gamedev talk. This time, instead of Firefox OS, I presented about WebVR.


IGK conference in Siedlce

I've visited Siedlce for the second year in a row giving talk about HTML5 games and Firefox OS. The technology is still considered new when it comes to making games, but more and more people learn that it's not only for building simple websites anymore.


ZTG Gamedev Convention during Poznań Game Arena 2014

I was invited to the ZTG conference a year ago, but Mozilla Festival event was already booked for the same date, so I said I'll try to visit them next year. I wasn't sure whether I'll be going to MozFest again this year, but I ended up traveling to Poznań instead of London.