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Sentimental blast from the past with Grid

If you remember my blog post Nostalgia framed to the last detail from last year, or a particular js13kGames 2022 prize, then you might probably know what to expect from this one: electronic old-school stuff looking great (again).

End3r's Corner - Grid Studio 2: all

After having a framed XBox One controller and a Game Boy handheld console prevously, this time I checked what was new in Grid Studio inventory and decided to go with three items: iPhone 4, NES controller, and A5X chip.

End3r's Corner - Grid Studio 2: iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 was my very first Apple mobile device I bought in 2010 - I was using it for a long time, until I updated to iPhone 7+ in 2016, which I still have.

It’s quite an important piece of history for me, so choosing it after noticing the availability was almost instant.

End3r's Corner - Grid Studio 2: NES

The second frame I went for is NES - Nintendo Entertainment System controller. I never owned one, I only vaguely remember visiting some friends to play Pegasus, our cheap copy of the original Famicom console, when I was a few years old.

Still, noticing that NES actually debuted only two days before my birthday, I decided that I simply want one.

End3r's Corner - Grid Studio 2: A5X

The trird item, the smallest, is Apple’s A5X chip dipped in resin - those were used in the third generation iPads. It was the first iPad I bought in 2012, with the Enclave Games text engraved on the back of it.

That iPad served us well… until my daughter drowned it when she had a bath a couple of years ago. It was the last time an electronic device was used in the bath, not to mention I said multiple times before that this is going to happen, and even more “I told you so” afterwards.

End3r's Corner - Grid Studio 2: all again

The quality of all the items is great as usual, with attention to a tiny detail. You can see from the start that a lot of effort was put into every single product. Grid Studio is making beautiful frames that simply looks good.

Feel free to grab yours, no matter if you’re aiming for Christmas (there’s a discount if you order in the next few days), anniversary, birthday, or without any occasion at all - the products are well worth it anyway!