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Helping revive Phaser World newsletter

Given my experience running Gamedev.js Weekly for more than a decade, I was lucky enough to be offered a task of helping revive the Phaser World newsletter that was inactive for more than two years already.

End3r's Corner - Phaser World

While Richard Davey, the author of Phaser, was busy securing funding for the framework itself, the Phaser World newsletter was paused indefinitely. Now with $2M funding from Open Core Ventures he finally have means to push everything forward and lead the newly created company, Phaser Studio, into the bright future.

Last weeks were intense as more folks were joining the company, and I was already busy with the new issues. Previous one before the break, #160, was emailed in July 2021. The new year started with regular issues being sent to subscribers: #161 was emailed January 5th 2024, with the next three being sent throughout the month every single Friday.

Beside the iconic Game of the Week, dedicated banners were replaced with links and descriptions to make creating the content easier and faster, following the style of Gamedev.js Weekly a bit. This work won’t be needed forever though as ultimately the content creation should be more or less automated at some point in the future.

This year is going to be busy for the whole Phaser team, and I’m happy to be part of it. My first game made with Phaser was released in 2014, and I’m proudly using the framework ever since - it’s so cool to be able to give something back, even if it’s just a very limited, part time effort.