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Beta-testing Neuroshima Hex PC game demo on Steam

I was hired to beta-test the Neuroshima Hex game demo for PC that was recently released on Steam. I guess running the fan site for thirteen years might’ve helped land that gig a bit.

End3r's Corner - Neuroshima Hex on Steam

I was asked to do it by Cyprian from Baked Games - got really happy and decided almost immediately I’m in. The testing period was happening before the announcement of the js13kGames 2023 winners, but I was able to find the time to play and give feedback before and right after that.

I wasn’t alone as there were folks from our community as well, including one of our Discord admins. I had to dig up an old laptop and buy new WiFi card to run the game though, since it was built for Windows and I couldn’t use my regular development MacBook.

I think the few rounds of testing helped the development team fix a bunch of small issues. The demo, with our feedback implemented, was officially released on the day Steam Next Fest launched: Monday, October 9th 2023 - go check it out! We’ve even organized a competition around it, with more prizes than originally planned due to high interest, and a whole lot of valuable feedback from regular players as well.