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js13kGames 2021 kick-off

August 13th is a special date for me tenth time in a row, since it is the day when the js13kGames competition starts. This year, like previously, we’ve gathered online at the kick-off meetup.

End3r's Corner - js13kGames 2021 kick-off

It was hosted by Sascha Depold from eBay, and I had a short talk introduing new things in 2021, and giving some general advice. As you might see in the screenshot above, I was accompanied by Ewa and Kasia.

After my talk Sascha presented some very useful tips and tricks, mostly showcasing what Xem built over the years as his tool collection for js13kGames is quite impressive. At the end of the meetup we had a casual quiz through Kahoot where cool eBay swag could be won.

The video recording of the meetup can be found on our new YouTube channel, which I recommend subscribing to. While you’re at it, you could also join our new Meetup group as well to keep track of the upcoming events.