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My GitHub Star status renewed for the fourth year!

I’m staying in the GitHub Stars program for another year! I wasn’t sure this will be extended for the fourth time, since at the very beginning the plan was to have any given Star for a maximum of three years in the program and then automatically turn them into an alumni.

End3r's Corner - GitHub Star status renewed for the fourth year

Fortunately enough this is no longer valid, so I entered my fourth year as a GitHub Star, and I’m really happy about it! I’m still the only one in Poland, but hoping this might change in the future.

I guess not much has changed in terms of why I was chosen (and renewed) - you can check my first blog post from 2021 enumerating some potential guesses, since the next two follow-ups only iterate over it. TL;DR: Enclave Games work, js13kGames community, and Gamedev.js activities. So, here’s to another year of Open Source Web Game Development!

End3r's Corner - GitHub Star

I’d love to do something around the idea of building web games with the help from GitHub Copilot this year, but if you’ve seen my Yearly Reports you know very well making plans and finishing projects are two separate things here. Still, you could keep your fingers crossed for this one even for just a little bit.