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Hang your tweets on a wall with framed posts from StickerMule

StickerMule, the company from which we’re buying all our stickers for more than a decade already decided to print tweets and frame them, so you can hang them on your wall. Weird? Yes. Did I get one? Obviously!

End3r's Corner - Framed Post 01

I have some frames in the office already: it started with the GitHub Star award, and later the two sets of Grid Studio frames arrived, each with their own amount of nostalgia attached.

Now the brand new item was added to the collection, the weirdest of them all: framed post from StickerMule.

End3r's Corner - Framed Post 02

I know my own tweets aren’t very popular, so I decided to go with something that won’t look ridiculously empty, and went for the js13kGames 2023 winners announcement.

The shipping went smooth as usual, and I received my package only a few days after ordering it - was properly secured and everything looked perfectly ok.

End3r's Corner - Framed Post 03

The frame itself looks great, the quality superb: sleek black fit the style of the other items well, although if you want to be extra fancy you can go for the ornate gold instead. It can be an original gift for yourself or anyone with the similar sense of humor.

It’s so absurd that I love it, and you can get one too - black framed posts cost $39 and the gold ones $69.