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Becoming W3C Games Community Group co-chair

I’m excited to announce that I was accepted as a co-chair into the W3C Games Community Group, joining Tom Greenaway from Google and Noël Meudec from Meta, with the support of François Daoust from W3C.

End3r's Corner - Becoming W3C Games Community Group co-chair

From the email sent by François Daoust to public-games at mailing list two days ago, right after we had our internal call to confirm the appointment:

You may have noticed that the group has been relatively quiet in the past few months as Noël and Tom have been quite busy on other fronts. In order to boost things up, I’m thrilled to report that Andrzej Mazur has agreed to join Noël and Tom as co-chair of the Games Community Group!

Most of you should be familiar with Andrzej already. He’s been involved in the Games Community Group for a long long time, actually even before the group got created.

I was, indeed, quite active even before we decided to reactivate the group. This started with the second W3C Games workshop in 2019, eight years after the first one that happened during the onGameStart conference in Warsaw (I was there as well). The actual reactivation took place a year later, during the TPAC conference in 2020, and after that our meetups were more or less regular on a once-every-two-months basis:

I was invited as a co-chair to help make the group more active again, since both Tom and Noël are moving away from web games activities within their companies. Now after half a year break we’re trying to get back to regular meetups, with the upcoming one targeting April.

I’m not sure what to expect in the coming months (and maybe even years), but I do hope I’ll make an impact and help web game developers build better creations eventually - wish me luck!