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Enclave Games Monthly Report: March 2020

This is not going to be a surprise if I say we were affected by Covid-19 as well. It’s not that bad as many other industries, but our daughter Kasia stays home and Ewa is taking care of schooling, so she don’t have much time for anything else.


The GameSnacks partnership was announced, and so two of our games, Flood Escape and Shape Attack, were published on their portal, with more hopefully coming soon. Other than that, some usual publisher work was in place, mostly in the first part of the month.


Not much beside a few short posts on


Well, all the events I was suppose to participate in were cancelled, so nothing to report here. I’ve also decided to NOT go online with Gamedev.js Warsaw meetups as we won’t have the capacity to do this properly.


The Grant for the Web program’s official start is coming soon, hopefully in April already, if there won’t be any delays. Also, my MozFest Arcade article was mentioned (twice!) in the MozHacks post about Innovating on Web Monetization: Coil and Firefox Reality.

Plans for the next month

The Gamedev.js Jam 2020 was announced April 2nd, so that’s the main focus for that month, but I’d like to finish the work I did in March on the new version of my own website, and do the same with the Enclave Games one.