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Gamedev.js Warsaw #15

A little bit later than usual, but here’s the quick report from our latest Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup #15 that happened last month, on Tuesday February 11th 2020.

Thanks to Codility we met at WeWork (Grzybowska 62) again, but returned to the second floor where there’s more room than the first one offered at our previous meetup.

Unity’s export to WebGL

First talk of the evening was Piotr Bogdan talking about Unity - how easy it is to develop games and prepare them to the Web with WebGL exporter using WebAssembly.

Kaboom, the ruthless Minesweeper

Second talk was given by Paweł Marczewski, who created Kaboom - an alternative to the classic Minesweeper, but one that is ruthless and penalizes any guessing player can try when looking for mines.

Evolution of HTML5 games

Third presentation that day was my talk revolving around the evolution of Web games in the span of 10 years. I’ve compared how game development looked like in 2010 and 2020, with some extras about the new Web Monetization API at the end of the talk.


We had three games being showcased: Kacper Pietrzak and Bartek Legięć talked about their games Ulica Perkuna and Labyrinth, while Piotr Migdał shared development progress of his Quantum Game with Photons 2.

Quiz with plushies

This particular meetup was hosted three days before Valentine’s Day, so all the prizes for answering quiz questions right were plushies.


As usual, we had pizza and beer after the presentations to chill out and chat.

Another successful meetup! Thank you goes to Rafał Ruciński for handling the venue, Wojtek Woźniak recording the videos, and Grzesiek Bagrowski taking the photos. Next up in March is the special edition of the meetup during Warsaw IT Days 2020.