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Enclave breaks the Internet

Have you heard about Wreck-It Ralph animated movie? It debuted in 2012, and a few years later the second one, Ralph Breaks the Internet, was out at the end of last year. Why am I writing all this you may ask? Because Enclave Games and Ralph have something in common. Well, kind of…

It’s ”Barbie works for us” type of article again, but this time with Ralph. In the movie, Ralph and Vanellope are taken to the LootFindr place where they consider finding in-game items so they can later sell them for real money. They need 27.001 USD for… reasons (no spoilers).

Fishwife's Amulet from Wizard Quest

Anyway, so one of the items there is Fishwife’s Amulet from the game… Wizard Quest! Valued at 3 bucks. And they don’t take the job to find it, rather pick Shank’s car for 40.000 USD instead. What a shame, this could have been an interesting story to tell.