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Front Club Open #4

Just a few days after my trip to JSCamp in Barcelona I was back in Warsaw giving a WebVR talk at the Front Club Open #4 meetup - a very similar situation to previous month’s doublet with All Hands in San Francisco and then Fire Talk #11 about WebVR in Warsaw.

Front Club Open #4

This time it happened on June 26th in the XSolve’s Warsaw office. We had four talks scheduled for the evening: Józef Flakus showing Marble.js, Noemi Rozpara explaining UX quirks, Kamil Mikosz building cross-browser extensions and me playing with WebVR.

It went nice and smooth, although it was quite hot both outside and inside the building. After the first three talks there was a break for drinks and pizza, so I had some time to prepare the setup. As usual with my WebVR talks I threw a few cardboards into the crowd for demoing purposes.

Overall it was a nice experience, and I hope to see more meetups there.