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Enclave Games Monthly Report: May 2018

I’m getting back to the “tradition” of publishing monthly reposts three weeks late. This time the usual structure of the report will be a little different than the usual with a focus on the “Other” section.

Barbie partying with the team


Nothing new, unfortunately - mostly some bugfixing in games sent to the clients.


Published the ultimate summary of writing Progressive Web Apps and Games articles for MDN Web Docs.


Nothing new - a short break to focus on other things.


Lots of. I’ve launched js13kShop with js13kGames t-shirts, but Amazon Merch covers shipping in US only, so I’ll have to find another platform to cover the rest of the world. On Children’s Day (celebrated June 1st in Poland) we had an announcement involving Barbie.

I’ve (re)launched - it’s just a WordPress news site right now, but I hope to add more in the future. I also wrote a short blog post about the Backup Day we had last month in Enclave Games.

In other news, Wojtek joined Mozilla Tech Speakers and now the Polish team in the program increased by 100% - after the few good years since it started I’m finally not the only one from Poland.

Plans for the next month

Attending Mozilla All Hands in San Francisco (already happened), and trying to keep up with way too many projects. Also, js13kGames - prizes, judges, sponsors, etc.