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Js13kShop with Amazon Merch

The online shop with js13kGames t-shirts many of you asked for in the past few years is finally up - go get the js13k swag!


I’ve decided to go with Amazon Merch as it seemed the best choice out of the available options. The bad news are I realized what’s the biggest issue after I was accepted to the program and started preparing the designs: Amazon Merch ships within US only.

So, if you’re from USA - good for you! Grab your t-shirt and be proud of wearing it. You can pick from the designs of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. There’s even a special design prepared some time ago independently from yearly editions (as the replacement of the 2012 one). If you’re living outside US though - please be patient. I’ll try to have something available globally as soon as possible.

Thanks for your constant support! Ps. Due to popular demand I’m going to launch my own Patreon in the upcoming weeks, so expect some more js13k goodness.