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Warsaw IT Days 2018

Here’s to another year of me speaking at the Warsaw IT Days - this time it happened on March 27th, at the usual place: Warsaw University of Technology.

I’ve started in 2014 with the talk about HTML5 game development on Firefox OS, went for the general talk about building JavaScript games in 2015, did two talks in 2017: A-Frame, and how to make a simple game in 4 years (based on the Wizard Quest experiences), and this year it was all about lessons learned from the js13kGames competition (which runs yearly since 2012). Looks like “new year - new topic” rule.

As you may (or may not) remember, Warsaw IT Days is a student-focused event with many tracks, and job fairs happening in the meantime - everyone can find something for themselves. The venue is great, plus there’s always pizza for lunch.

I had a good time slot: speaking just before noon. Not too early, not just before or after lunch, not too late. The room wasn’t the biggest, but was full, which is always cool.

I gave the talk ”What can we learn from 800 games made for a jam, 13 kb each”, which I feel most comfortable with recently. After the presentation I had a lot of questions, as usual - it’s great to see genuine interest in what I just said, and appreciate an extra effort to learn more.

I suppose you can already assume my presence at the upcoming event next year, with a brand new talk title, which I absolutely don’t know yet.