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Meet.js Katowice #1E with Gamedev.js

Last week, on March 14th, I went from Warsaw to Katowice for the joint event between Meet.js and Gamedev.js, a meetup we organized together - not the first one, and definitely not the last.

I have to admit that most of the heavy lifting was done by the Meet.js Katowice organizers (Jakub Synowiec, Szymon Nowak, Jacek Rzeszutek) as they basically “just” had a regular meetup number 30 with the gamedev theme, hence Gamedev.js involvement. The only part I was covering was the content - two presentations that night.

I gave my talk “What can we learn from 800 games made for a jam, 13 kb each”, which (as usual) evolved a bit from the previous iterations. After the presentation I’ve got a whole bunch of cool questions, and we gave js13kGames cardboards and Mozilla plushies away.

The second talk that day was Patryk Budzyński showing off his magic skills doing textureless graphics with WebGL. I rarely see live coding that actually works, and this was the case.

I had some great conversations during and after the talks up until very late, to a point when the venue staff gently reminded us that the pub is closed for some time already, so we moved outside.

It was a quick trip - I took the train from Warsaw to Katowice around noon on Wednesday, give the talk in the evening, and returned home the next day in the morning. It was great to meet with the fellow local community as we had so many interesting topics to talk about. Hope to see you all soon again!