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Phaser workshop at the University of Wrocław

I was invited by Maciej Matyka to visit his students at the University of Wrocław on March 30th and introduce my workshop about building HTML5 games with Phaser.

It was suppose to be a regular workshop for up to 20-30 people, but after it was announced the interest among the students was so big that we ended up with 80, and organized it in the lecture hall. I’ve adjusted the materials - I couldn’t interact with the participants 1-on-1 directly, so I cut the tasks and open questions in favor of having live coding session while I explain everything.

I had plenty of questions to the students though: what to do next, why something is not working etc, so they were still actively participating. Most of them had laptops and were following along - it was a new approach for me, but I think it went even better than expected.

It took about 3 hours to complete, just as planned, with one short break in the middle. I already had students asking good questions during the session, and ended up with many more at the end - that was really cool. I had the similar level of excitement from the students a few days earlier in Warsaw.

After the workshop me and Maciej went for dinner and met with Piotr. We all had a good chat - funny thing was I talked about A-Frame and they seemed really excited about it, just as I am. There’s a chance we might do something around it together in the future.

Anyway - I think my trip to Wrocław went great, and I hope the students feel the same. I can’t wait to learn about new HTML5 games being created because someone got interested after attending the workshop. Sharing the knowledge and seeing the results is really a good feeling.