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Enclave Games Monthly Report: February 2017

February was a little bit crazy - we were sick most of the time while trying to finish the Flood Escape game before my travel to San Francisco for GDC. It didn’t work.


Trying to finish Flood Escape, with poor results - it’s still not done even though I wanted to have the game completed before the end of… January.


The New camera features in Phaser was finally published on Tuts+ Game Development - you can check how those little things can help you make your game even more polished.


We’ve managed to organize the second Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup, the venue was so nice that we decided to stay there for the next meetups. I also travelled to San Francisco for GDC - you can read the GDC 2017 trip report if you’re interested about the details.


I’ve finally pushed the js13kGames t-shirts thing forward, and hope to have them shipped really soon. I’ve also got a whole lot of stickers from Stickermule: Enclave Games, js13kGames and the brand new Gamedev.js ones. The BLUR launch jam ended with a lot of cool entries to judge.

Plans for the next month

Recovering from the jet lag, still trying to finish Flood Escape, organizing the third Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup and doing a Phaser workshop/lecture at the university in Wrocław.