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Enclave Games Monthly Report: November 2016

I was able to start something I wanted to do for the past couple of years already - Gamedev.js workshops, so November can definitely be considered a good month.


I’ve created a demo game for the Gamedev.js workshops called Window Breaker. It’s a simple game where you… break the falling windows with a brick. I know, but steering a bird between sewer pipes went viral and got extremely popular, so the game idea doesn’t have to be THAT good, especially for a workshop.


I haven’t got a single day to work on writing Progressive Web Games series of articles for MDN, and I’m quite sad about it, because I wanted to have it completed a long time ago already. I hope to find at least a few days in December for that.

At least I managed to finish the Phaser camera features tutorial (after a few months) and submitted it to Tuts+ Game Development team for review. I wonder if it will be published this year, or at the beninning of 2017.


The second half of November was quite busy, especially when you compare it to the activities from the past few months.


I organized and led Gamedev.js workshop #1 on November 20th, gave a talk about Wizard Quest at meet.js Warsaw #19 on November 24th, and then gave the Wizard Quest talk on November 28th again and ran the same Phaser workshop on November 29th at the JS Kongress conference in Munich.

I’m really happy with the last one - gave the talk in front of 500 people and received very good feedback.


I suck at delivering the js13kGames swag on time, I really need to organize it better next year. I know I’m saying it for the past few years, but it’s starting to be annoying.

In other news - I met the BLUR guys and they seem to be a nice bunch. They are working on a mix of sampled indie games merged with chat - we’ve prepared a special version of Shape Attack for testing. Oh, and they supported js13kGames 2016.

Plans for the next month

WebVR and A-Frame talk at the Code Europe conference, a short talk about HTML5 game development at The Awwwesomes workshop (on the same day) and the second edition of the Gamedev.js workshop. I already did all of them - blog posts coming soon.

I’ll try my best to actually work on something this month, not just answer emails and write event reports. Wish me luck.