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Enclave Games Monthly Report: September 2016

September was a busy month, even more busy than August - you can tell by looking at how many posts were published between those two reports: exactly six.



I worked a bit on the Hat Tricks game - filled the prototype with new graphics. It’s a very simple project, so it would be great to find the time to quickly finish it and release to the public.

The whole new story is about the Scooby-Doo game, a freelance project I did during September. It was a quick and easy job - an unusual thing for me.


Lots of blog posts, but also finishing up Implementing game control mechanisms series of articles including mobile touch, desktop mouse and keyboard, gamepad, and other unconventional controls. A follow up post for Mozilla Hacks about them is in the making.

My guest article about the current state of HTML5 game development in 2016 was finally published on the JS Kongress website, and did get some good traction.


After visiting Reykjavik for JSConf Iceland in September, I went to Berlin for the Tech Speakers meetup and the View Source conference. The meetup was a perfect opportunity to meet with the whole team, and I also gave a quick talk about how to make a simple HTML5 game in 4 years, the story behind Wizard Quest. At the conference I was helping out with the HTML5 games booth.

I also participated in the CVSR Gameathon in India… remotely. I recorded a short talk and sent the organizers a link to the YouTube video - it was an interesting take on being present at the event on the other side of the world.


I was super busy around September 13th because of js13kGames 2016 - being in Berlin for the meetup and conference, helping with the booth when the deadline for submission ends, accepting the entries and closing the competition while doing a freelance job. I failed with the backend again. At least I’ve got a few months to prepare for 2017.

I also advertised upcoming Phaser workshop at JS Kongress that will happen at the end of November in Munich.

Plans for the next month

Recover and try to close the js13kGames compo: send prizes, get the t-shirts printed and shipped. Carry on with games and articles.