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Enclave Games Monthly Report: June 2016

Wizard Quest is completed! I also flew to London for the Mozilla All Hands, and spent some time preparing the js13kGames 2016 competition.



Well, Wizard Quest is completed - 100%, version 1.0.0. I know there are bugs being reported for it, but they will (probably) be applied in the next update. After four years of struggling to finish the game I was finally able to do it, yay me!

I also added a few small features to Enclave Phaser Template. The ”buy me a beer” button is among those, although I only received one beer from a happy developer in the past month. Well, one is still better than nothing I suppose!


Nothing much beside writing a blog post that I hate Wizard Quest, have to focus on the MDN articles more.


I was in London a week before Brexit for the Mozilla All Hands, a work week of all the employees and a bunch of volunteers - I really enjoyed it, check out my short summary for details.


Spent a lot of time preparing js13kGames already: sponsors, judges, prizes. If you can help me with any of those just let me know, thanks.

Plans for the next month

Preparing js13kGames, writing MDN Games docs and finishing up Hat Tricks.