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Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda demo is here

Originally planned for March, the new installment of the brave Captain Rogers in the form of a playable demo is finally here - better late than never.


I still remember the first game, Captain Rogers: Asteroid Belt of Sirius which was built more than three years ago - it was first used as a case study for the Firefox OS related talk I gave at the Web-5 conference in France.


If you look at that game and then compare it with the new one you can say that both the technology and my skills have changed a lot through those years.


I’d call it Captain Rogers 2, but Robert did a few other games with that character “in the meantime”, so it could get some people confused. Well, for me it is a sequel anyway - it’s still about flying through asteroids, but now you can finally shoot at things! The full version will include more worlds, weapons, collectible bonuses, enemies and bosses.

Just like I did with the first game, the second one will be used as a case study for articles, tutorials and other materials related to HTML5 game development. I already started by using it - see Building games for Firefox OS TVs article for details.

Play Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda DEMO

If you’re reading this, then it would be awesome if you could give me some feedback, so I can improve it and build the best possible version as the final one, so people can enjoy playing it, thanks.