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AirConsole gamedev competition

There’s a game development competition I’m (co-)organizing and it’s not js13kGames. The AirConsole team wanted to get involved in the HTML5 gamedev community and I’m helping them with that.


The competition is running through February and ends on March 3rd, so there’s still a week left - it’s more than enough for what’s needed. AirConsole is providing an API which you can implement in your game to control it using a spartphone and play it on your laptop, PC or TV screen.

You can win 1500 USD cash and Construct 2 Business license, and there are also runner-up prizes for 10 best entries worth 100 USD each.

Compo URL:

You don’t have to build the game from scratch - you can use your existing games for that and just implement the API in them. It’s important that you keep all the rights to your games, and can get an extra promotion from the AirConsole team in their store.

Good luck and have fun!