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Enclave Games Monthly Report: July 2015

I spent most of the month sending tons of emails to find judges, organize prizes and sponsors for the upcoming fourth edition of the js13kGames competition.


Wizard Quest is finally feature complete. It’s still buggy and needs more work on the difficulty level balance, but it’s just bugfixing – the finished game will look and work like the current build, more or less.

I’ve also helped the htsz team create the Ball So Simple game (in Phaser) for the Slavic Game Jam 2015 that was held in Warsaw on the last weekend of July.


Finishing the second part of the gamedev tutorial, the one about Phaser. It will be used as the base for the workshop I’m gonna lead at BrazilJS at the end of August.


I already mentioned Slavic Game Jam, right? I’ve sent a few proposals to the open call for papers: about the Gamepad API, Phaser, WebVR and such.


The js13kGames competition took most of the time in July, it’s crazy how many days were about writing and sending the emails all day.

Plans for the next month

The js13kGames competition intensifies – it starts on August 13th. I’m also gonna run the gamedev Phaser workshop at the BrazilJS conference on August 20th. I’d like to fix some Wizard Quest bugs in the meantime, but it might be extremely hard to find the time.