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Enclave Games Monthly Report: February 2015

February was quite different from what I was planning to do, and that’s good. Instead of putting more and more pressure on finishing Wizard Quest, I decided to finish some client work. Due to various reasons there was little to none of that, so I was able to spend a whole lot of time working on my game.


Wizard Quest development is going ok. There’s still a lot to do, but I already have a fully playable game with the (long) list of bugs instead of a prototype and undocumented bunch of missing features. I hate that game, but I really enjoy playing it. It’s so simple to develop in theory, yet so hard to work on and I just don’t know why. I’m focusing all my attention on finishing Wizard Quest, so I can ship it, forget about it and move on with the next projects.

There was some discussions with Ewa about how the final version of the Postmen of the Galaxy demo prototype should look and work. That game was created during the Poznań Game Jam with specific reason of being delivered as a game that will use some coding techniques I always wanted to try, but neved had the chance. It was also designed as a commercial project to be sold to publishers.

There was also a usual work on QA, bugfixing, API implementations for publishers and such.


I started writing an article about rewriting and redesigning two of my games: Captain Rogers and Hungry Fridge. First one is being rewritten from ImpactJS to Phaser and the second one had already been updated with new graphic assets. I didn’t have time to write much yet. I can’t do everything I’d like to do, so one thing will be done and the other five will be left for later, or never. It’s still high on the TODO list just below the gamedev projects like Wizard Quest, so I hope it will be out in a month or two.


Nothing new during February, so I could focus on coding.

Plans for the next month

I’m going to visit Berlin at the end of March – I’ll participate in the Hack on MDN Weekend organized by Mozilla. I really enjoyed the similar event a year ago in Paris, so I hope it will also be at least at the same level of awesome this time. Just before flying to Berlin I will give a talk to students in Warsaw during WDI about how easy it is to create HTML5 games.

As the Mozilla Rep I should be able to cross out the budget problem out of my Gamedev.js Meetups equation, so I hope I’ll be able to organize the meetup in Warsaw some time soon.