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Enclave Games Monthly Report: December 2014

December report will be short as Christmas practically took over half of the month.

Games, Writing and Events

Wizard Quest development and some client work: mostly preparing a few games for Tizen. No writing or attending the events in December though.


Finally finished js13kGames – the packages with t-shirt, 3,5” diskette, stickers and personal note were sent to all of the participants and also sponsors and judges. Now’s the time to start working on the next edition if I don’t want to end up late and unprepared again.

Summary for 2014

A lot of work were done through the last few months that didn’t get paid yet due to some reasons. Client work can be tough, especially if I want to do HTML5 gamedev evangelism in the meantime. I want to focus more on creating my own games, or maybe look for the regular employment if managing Enclave Games won’t work in the long run.

The overall experience in 2014 was ok. The earnings was poor, I spent way too many hours on work (especially evenings and weekends), but I worked on the things I like the most – HTML5 games. I have to change something in 2015 if I want to have more free time and money at the same time. Working as a front-end developer in a big corporation spoiled me a little bit in that manner and sometimes I miss it, though it had its downsides.

Plans for the next month

Finishing Wizard Quest (yeah, you can laugh – I’m still trying to do it after more than 2 years), rewriting Captain Rogers in Phaser, visiting Poznań Game Jam and talking at Fosdem in Brussels.