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Enclave Games Monthly Report: August 2014

Most of the August activities revolved around the js13kGames competition. There was so much to be done and I’m not fully happy with the results. I didn’t have time to complete all of the plans I had, but overall I’m amazed by the growing community around the compo.


I was able to finish Triskaidekaphobia in a week, the game that promotes the js13k competition. There are also two client projects I’m currently working on which I hope will bring me some very needed money. In the meantime I’m slowly working on Wizard Quest – it would be awesome to finish the fully working prototype in September, but that will be quite a challenge.

It’s not a game, but I’ve submitted Hex Clock to the Firefox Marketplace, the original idea came from Jacopo Colo.

The games I recently finished are all available at – I’m not focusing on selling them right now, but if you’re interested all of them are available. The last ones: Hungry Fridge, Full Immersion and Triskaidekaphobia are even available as exclusive licenses as I didn’t start selling the non-exclusives yet. Basically, the licensing part is taken care of by Robert from BlackMoon Design and I’m totally ok with that.


My article for people who want to start with the js13k compo was published at Tuts+ Game Development: How to Minify Your HTML5 Game for the Js13kGames Competition. I’ve also posted short making of blog post about Triskaidekaphobia.


There was this meet.js Warsaw event at the end of August where I talked about… yes, the js13kGames competition. You can check the slides, but they are in Polish.


As you can see, the js13kGames competition took over most of my time in August. You can follow the HTML5GameDevs forums topic for updates or the social accounts on Twitter and Facebook. There was a lot of problems with backend, I hope to have it better prepared next time. The Server category is back thanks to the community. I wonder how many entries there will be this year as based on this I will or will not be able to send the usual js13k t-shirts to (all of) the participants. I received only two donations till now, so we’ll see how it goes.

Plans for the next month

Focusing on the js13kGames competition, finishing the client work, developing Wizard Quest, going to some events: World of Gamedev Knowledge and probably meet.js Summit and starting to work on the gamedev workshop materials for Mozilla and DevMeetings.