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Triskaidekaphobia - the making of

The js13kGames competition has started and with only a small delay I was able to finish Triskaidekaphobia, the game that promotes the competition. Triskaidekaphobia means the fear of the number thirteen, as for me it’s the perfect title for the game.

Triskaidekaphobia - banner

I wanted to create this game a year ago already, the ideas were different – from adventure game through top-down shooter to a side-scroller horror. At the beginning of this month I still thought I won’t be able to work on it also this year, but I decided to create something, anything. I’m finishing all of my projects lately and publishing about one game per month: Monster Wants Candy, Hungry Fridge and Full Immersion are the last ones.

Thanks to Ewa we were able to quickly design and develop the game from scratch and basically finish it within a week, so don’t expect from the game too much. I was trying to make it work smooth and provide good playing experience, so I hope you’ll enjoy playing it.

You can play Triskaidekaphobia here.

The js13kGames competition started two days ago on August 13th – it’s an online competition for HTML5 game developers and running for a month where the fun part is the size limit set to 13 kilobytes. Check the competition website for all the details about it.