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Enclave Games Monthly Report: June 2014

It’s time for another monthly report – this time for June. I’m quite happy with that month as I finished some of the projects I was working on for way too long.


I wrote about the making of Monster Wants Candy and the short story of Hungry Fridge, plus the post on my private blog about the new Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter design. I finally finished the 5k words Phaser tutorial about Monster Wants Candy demo and hopefully it will be published soon. I also wrote an article about the Gamepad API implementation in the Hungry Fridge game – the draft was sent and I’m waiting for the feedback.


Finally something to share: Monster Wants Candy had its bugs fixed and was published in the Firefox Marketplace. Hungry Fridge was finished and also published in the Marketplace. I worked on some Captain Rogers bugs and translations on Firefox OS preparing the game for new markets where the game will be preinstalled on the devices. Full Immersion is almost finished, so it’s a matter of a few days when I start working on the Wizard Quest.


I dropped any events from my close future and focused on the unfinished projects, which ended up quite good.


New Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter design is online. I had some problems with the customs, but I finally have the Flame reference device from Mozilla. It’s also worth to mention that I did get my first donation through PayPal, it was a few bucks for the Building HTML5 games for Firefox OS book I plan on writing – thanks Robert! I also did get my first ever autograph request, I’ll send the HTML5 Game Development Insights book with my chapter about the Gamepad API, and of course with my autograph shortly – thanks Andre!

Plans for the next month

Qickly finishing Full Immersion, then preparations for the js13kGames competition, because it’s only a month left till the start. And of course the holy grail, my unfinished game, Wizard Quest. I plan on having at least a working prototype before the end of the month.