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Hello gamedev world!

Time to start blogging! As you can see it’s just the bare minimum – an Octopress instance with the Classic Light theme. I wanted to have this blog prettier, but hell – too many times I didn’t start something because it wasn’t 100% ready and after some time it died and never saw the light. So here I am, braking my own rules, having “just the basics”. You can say whatever you like, I’m just going to focus on the content and hopefully at some point I’ll have a shiny, original and beautiful blog with everything just as I wanted.

I have some ideas, experiences and learned lessons I want to share, I hope somebody will learn from my mistakes or use my code for good. I believe that sharing the knowledge helps a lot and eventually everything will get back to you.

As for the games… I’ve created my first official HTML5 mobile game as an Enclave Games studio with an awesome help from BlackMoon Design – they’ve provided the graphics and I have coded the game using ImpactJS framework. You can play the game Captain Rogers right away, check out the source code on GitHub and give feedback if you like.

Play Captain Rogers

You can find Enclave Games’s social profiles on Twitter, Facebook and GitHub.