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Firefox OS App Workshops coming to a city near you

The Firefox OS will be the second revolution by Mozilla, it will impact the mobile market dominated by iOS and Android the similar way it crushed IE6 ten years ago and changed the way we perceive the web. If you’re a front-end developer and want to try your luck with mobile apps there’s no better way than by diving in into familiar environment - all of the development for Firefox OS is done by using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


The Workshops will take place in Madrid (Spain, April 20), Bogotá (Colombia, May 18) and Warsaw (Poland, June 1). I can’t stress enough the happiness that Warsaw is on the list - I hope I’ll manage to get myself there. I will be a very sad person on a Children’s Day (which is on June 1st here in Poland) if I didn’t manage to attend. Anyway - if you wanna take over the market, build games and apps before anybody else and conquer Mozilla Marketplace then attending this workshop is a must. Apply here to be picked and granted access, visit this entry to read more about the events and check the “how to prepare” section to be ready when the time comes. Hope to see you there!