All Articles announces HTML5 gamedev compo for students

The guys from (supporters of the first js13kGames competition) have started their own compo for students that are (or want to be) also an HTML5 game developers. There’s over $10,000 in prizes, so it’s a good idea to check it out, learn making games and actually finish one.


The first place will win $1,500 in cash and some other useful bonuses like GitHub accounts and Construct 2 licenses. Visit the competition website to read more or check out this blog post. The compo will run from March 5th till April 5th and there’s a bunch of interesting people in the judges section: Christopher Weaver, Warren Spector, Gordon Walton, Tim Campbell, Fred Schmidt and Ken Demarest.

The team must be a students only and the games have to be written in HTML5. You can get a free ImpactJS license on the compo website if you want to develop a game using it. If you’re a student interested in HTML5 game development you should consider taking part in the compo.