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Enclave Games - new HTML5 Game Development Studio

After the few years of doing HTML5 game development as a hobby it’s time to go half-official. Half, because it’s not a company (yet), but I want to start building the brand. There is only a splash screen on the official page, but I hope it will change in time. The first Enclave Games’ game will be the Wizard Quest created with an awesome help from BlackMoon Design.

Enclave Games

HTML5 game development is something that I love to do, so I will give it a try. Well, actually I decided to do it a long time ago (making conference games), but it’s a high time to make it real as a brand. It’s just a one-man-army project for now with a little help from my wife - Efka, who is a great graphic designer. The first official project though, the Wizard Quest, will be made with BlackMoon Design - you probably saw their skills already in terms of graphic design, so this could be a great opportunity to have fun and make games together.

The images delivered are a top-class premium quality ones, so if you need some for your game they are the best place to ask. The rest of the job is on my side and I’ll try to finish the game as soon as possible. The Enclave Games have it’s own Twitter account and a Facebook page, so feel free to follow them if you’re interested in my journey through HTML5 game develompent.