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First look at the new upcoming HTML5 game Wizard Quest

During the onGameStart 2012 conference in Warsaw this September I’ve met Robert Podgórski, the boss of the BlackMoon Design studio specialized in the pixel art. They are awesome and we figured out that we can try and make a simple HTML5 game to see if the collaboration will be successful. That is how the Wizard Quest HTML5 game idea was born.

Wizard Quest

As you can see on the screenshot above (yes, it’s from the work-in-progress HTML5 prototype) the game is pretty simple - you’re a wizard and just have to click or tap the runes to use spells, attack the monster and eventually kill it. After beating all of the monsters you just win the game, simple as that.

We will of course work on it, add some features etc., but the basics are as simple as possible. What is so special about the game that I wanted to write a few words about it? It’s my first HTML5 game that is NOT made for the Polish conference. The four games from this list are: Fabric Tetris (for Falsy Values, onSpaceStart (for onGameStart 2011), Front Invaders (for Front Row) and Front-Face (for Front-Trends 2012). All of the graphics for those were made by Efka.

The Wizard Quest on the other hand is based on the idea provided by BlackMoon and is totally independent. As you can see the visuals looks stunning - this just motivates me to work harder on the code and finish the game as quick as possible. I hope it will be ready in November or December, so I can play with it, distribute it and play with the APIs, write some articles around it etc.

I’d like to mention about the next big step for me - I don’t want to announce it just yet, but I will leave those four games behing and start something new. I’ll focus on mobile HTML5 gamedev which is a pretty obvious choice. Don’t know if I will succeed with my project, but at least I will try.