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Win the very first tickets for onGameStart 2012!

I made a small promise at the end of the previous post and now I can reveal the secret: thanks to Michał Budzyński, event organizer, you’ll have the very first chance of getting the ticket for upcoming onGameStart 2012 conference! That’s right, you can’t buy the tickets yet (although it will be possible very soon), you don’t know the price, but you can get one already!


The onGameStart 2012 will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 19-21 September. It’s the first and the best conference about HTML5 games. Check out this post if you want to know more, or visit the website directly to play the game and read about the speakers.

This time it will be a lot harder to get one ticket for yourself: you’ll have to send me an answer for one question. There’s no right or wrong answers, it’s all about the passion for games. Here’s the question: “What’s your favourite game from your childhood and why?” It doesn’t matter what game you choose - that won’t be taken into consideration when judged. It’s the WHY that matters. Surprise me, make me laugh, think about the answer that will make me pick it from the others, you can even paint it if you like. This don’t even have to be a computer game, it just have to be any kind of game and you have to tell me WHY it was so important for you.

There’s no limits, so you can send me one sentence, a youtube song or whatever you like. This have to be your own creation though. The contest starts on monday, June 4th 2012, 13:00 CET and ends one week later on monday, June 11 2012, 13:00 CET. The only way to participate is to send me an e-mail with the title “My favourite game” to containing your answer to the question. There are three tickets to get, so the best three answers will be awarded. I may want to publish them after the contest ends, so remember about that. Well, that’s it - I’m waiting for your e-mails, be creative!