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LXJS - node.js conference in Portugal

LXJS is a two-day conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The event will take place on the 28th and 29th of September and will feature some of the best and brightest JavaScript minds, both from front-end and server-side, including mobile development.


Speakers will be arriving from the four corners of the world and congregate into the beautiful Mercado da Ribeira in downtown Lisbon where two speaker tracks will be presented to an expected crowd of at least 150 attendees, punctuated by coffee breaks and lunch.

Track A will be curated and Track B will be open for registration by the attendees a few days before the conference date. The curated track will proudly host open-source knights like Mikeal Rogers, Adam Christian, Brian Leroux, Charlie Robbins, Christian Kvalheim, Daniel Shaw, Dale Harvey, Fedor Indutny, Max Ogden, Maciej Małecki, Karolina Szczur, Paddy Byers, Paolo Fragomeni and others talking about cutting-edge open-source projects, with closing keynotes about philosophy and open-source development punctuated by speaker panels.

Well, this one looks really interesting, so if you’re into Node.js and the server-side JavaScript, you have to be there! Thanks to Karolina Szczur, if you want to be there and you’re in need of a discount we can organize something just for you - please contact @karolinaszczur or @dscape for more details.